​3 Simple Ways to Make More Money

just by improving Your Content!

Take a step back for a second and take an honest look at your content and what readers are really seeing and thinking about your business and you.  From your website, advertising, marketing campaigns, newsletters, email Marketing and every piece of written communication that makes your business run, matters.

Too often, business owners and managers get so caught up in day to day operations they overlook what can drive results in their business.  If this doesn’t apply to you, feel free to skip what I have to show you. If you market your business in any way, then this could be special for you.  Likely it will help you get results to grow your bottom line.  Does this sound fair?

In studying 100’s of websites, I have found many with good to great content… BUT I have found many more with issues that means they are missing out on opportunities to engage with buyers.

First Simple Fix…    

Change your content to get

more readers BUY in to you!

Most websites I see are well written for information content.  They forget one of the BIG ABC rules of selling.  Always Be Closing.  Getting a reader or customer's attention span long enough to reach the Move to CART button, make that call or visit your place of business is no doubt challenging to every business.  Those who can do this grow their business and those who don't, well you know.

Your content needs to subtly or directly ask them to buy me, call me or visit me.  It needs to be a part of your information content or they may just copy that information and depending on the search they used (ex. If you need professional copywriting services, call Bill today at 843-446-6086 or email him copywriterbill@hotmail.com), may never even know your company and what you offer leaving with no opportunity for a sale.  Getting a site audit done is a simple way to get some clarity of what’s possible.

Second Simple Fix...   

Set up Your Social Media

for Success and Results

Social media is a big deal.  Avoiding it is really is not an option.  Businesses who have strong campaigns see stronger results.  Every form of social media may not be a good fit and even if you have something working, it’s in your best interest to see what more you can do.  You don't need to do all, but you should know what your customers use to reach them.

What are your competitors doing?  Take the time to find out and make a list of what they do and see if you will benefit from adding it to your social media platform.  Great copywriting will shorten the curve for acceptance and results plus build your brand and improve your sales.

Third Simple Fix...   

Build Your List and

Put it on Auto Pilot

We are in an age of lists.  Every time we place our email on a form to get information, we get on a list.  All public demographic information collected by marketers puts on an email list.

Lists are important when you have something to sell or information to offer.  A business’ email list is special and should be used to keep your customers informed about everything you offer and can do for them.  Emails with newsletters, special offers, new products, seasonal offers, informational e-books and sometimes its's as simple as a "Thanks for Your Business"  are great examples to have lists.  If they trusted you to buy from you, keep giving them more value and keep them a customer for life.

Pay more attention to that list and remember, they are not just a name but a buying customer who already done business with you.  Add free e-books, coupons, special pricing, basically anything to add value and sales should increase.


Be Smart, Life gets in the way and moments are lost to stay focused on the prize…Your customers and you earning their business.  I was told very early in my business life.  Surround yourself with dedicated people who have the similar goals and trust them to do their very best with your guidance and their ambitions.  It has served me well for nearly years!


Speaking as a copywriter with over 35+ years of business experience in getting consumers to buy, the value of a good copywriter is golden.  I take the time to research absolutely everything to position all content to benefit you.  You can leave the marketing of writing to me to create engaging content in formats that achieve your business goals and you can spend your time on your day to day business and planning the future you want to see happen. 

When you hire me, we become a team with a common goal.  You will be informed with regular updates from start to finish.

Feel free to contact me with questions and ideas at 843-446-6086 or copywriterbill@hotmail.com

Welcome to VIP CopyWriting from Bill Ames